Springdale Shopping Survey


Continue the Springdale Shopping Survey at the end of Chapter 15 in the Integrated Cases section in Introduction to Business Statistics. You will again need the dataset in the file named SHOPPING that you downloaded from the Premium Web Site in module 1. Write a short report that includes an introduction, a conclusion paragraph and a body which answers fully the three questions posed in the problem. Please include any tables of calculations and graphs associated with this problem in the body. It should be double-spaced and in APA style format.
The exercise involves the following variables from data file SHOPPING, the Springdale shopping Survey:
Variables 7-9 Overall attitude toward the shopping area. The highest possible rating is 5. In each analysis, one of these will be the dependent variable.
Variables 18-25 The importance(highest rating = 7) placed on each of 8 attributes that the shopping area might possess In each analysis, one of these will be the independent variable.
Information like that gained from this database exercise could provide management with useful insights into how respondents form their overall attitude toward a shopping area. For example, management can find out whether people who place more importance on “a lot of bargain sales” tend to have a higher perception or a lower perception of a shopping area.
1. With variable 7( attitude toward Springdale Mall) as the dependent variable, preform two separate regression analyses–one for each of the dependent variables listed below. In each case, determine and interpret the regression equation and the coefficients of correlation and determination, then use the .05 level of significance in reaching a conclusion on the significance of the linear relationship. If possible on your computer package, retain the residuals for analysis in question 2.
a. Variable 21 (good variety of sizes/styles)
b. Variable 25 ( a lot of bargain sales)
2. For each of the regression analyses in question 1, examine the residuals by using a histogram, a normal probability plot, and a plot of the residuals against the values of the independent variable. In each case, comment on whether an assumption of the linear regression model may have been violated.
3. Repeat questions 1 and 2, using variable 9 (attitude toward West Mall) as the dependent variable.