R7031 Part I Final Context


Research Scenario: 
An organization wants to know if participants with varying levels of expertise (professionals, paraprofessionals, and nonprofessionals) improve their knowledge after completing a training program.

The organization collected demographic information: gender, age, type of training (professional, paraprofessional, or nonprofessional), location of the worksite (on-site or off-site) and years of experience.

A pre-training test of knowledge, a training program, and post-training test of knowledge was developed. Participants were tested, then participated in the three-week training program, and then were tested again.

The dataset also includes (1) a measure of participant confidence in knowledge and (2) a certification exam score.

The data are discipline-neutral. Therefore, part of your final project is to create a context for the research that is associated with your discipline or area of interest (e.g., training to assess mental health status; training to work with special education children; training to become a technician or consultant).

II. Codebook
Variable Information

Variable Label Measurement Scale Category Name
Gender Gender Nominal 1 = Male
2 = Female
age Age in Years Ratio  
qualification Professional Qualification Nominal 1 = Professional
2 = Paraprofessional
3 = Nonprofessional
worksite Location of Work Nominal 1 = On-Site
2 = Off-Site
knowledge1 Level of knowledge before Training Interval N/A
knowledge2 Level of knowledge after Training Interval N/A
years Years of Experience Ratio N/A
confidence Confidence in knowledge Interval N/A
exam Certification exam Interval N/A

III. Exam Instructions

Your task is to review the dataset, formulate a context, and then use your knowledge of statistics to answer the research questions and test hypotheses that will help the organization evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Part I.  Create your context.

Using the research scenario and variables identified in the codebook, create a “story” that describes the purpose and focus of the study. In a few paragraphs describe the intent of your investigation in the form of a problem background and purpose statement.