Write an OOP program with a Windows C# application to read data from a file.  The program shall use a Class and then an Array of Objects in the driver class.
A File stores student names, and 4 grades for exams.
Exam 1 is 20% of the overall grade
Exam 2 is 30% of the overall grade
Exam 3 and 4 are worth 25% of the overall grade
The program will read names and exam scores
The program will then calculate and store average grade in a new array or you can calculate and store average grade in a new data field inside the class.
It will then use a character array or a character data field to assign grades
It will then display all the information as a windows app in C# where you use a listbox and also write back all the information to a file.

The data must be sorted by Highest Grade to lowest grade by using the getWeightedAverageGrade() field to sort the array of these objects after you populate it.