Expert Solutions


1. Give the variables hours worked an payrate, writhe the vbscript code that will calculate gross pay such that all hours worked over 40 will be paid at time and a half

2. Write the VBScript code that displays all of the integers stored in the array numArray(100)

3.Assuming that you are connected to a database called Computers.mdb with the fields Computer,Hostname Room_Num, CPU_Type, Num_CPUs, Bit_Size, OS_Type, Memory, and HDD_size, write the sql Query String sqlStr such that the fields Computer, Room_Num, and OS_Type will be displayed for the records that indicate on OS_Type of “Fedora 10” or “Windows XP”. the returned records should be sorted by OS_type.

4.Which of the following is NOT an operation performed by database-management software?

5. Which one of the following is not a database-security issue?

6. To evaluate whether a file exists or not before you overwrite it in VBScript, use the following command (assuming that fso is an object of type Scripting.FileSystemObject).

7. Internal documentation for scripts include _____.

8. In a VBScript _____ structure, the body of the loop will always execute at least once.

9. A VBScript array stores a(n) _____ in memory.

10. How many times will the following VBScript Do While loop execute the loop body?